Welcome back to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and it’s got very much of a watery feel to this week’s efforts.

The club is nothing without you so hopefully you an keep coming up with the goods.

Starting top left, we have Kayleigh Cheshire’s lovely shot of two Colemere swans with their young in tow, and the cygnets are starting to really grow out their feathers.

Below that Lucy Chidlow was out on a morning walk around the area and these two kept her company, and she even managed to draw out a smile too.

We have an Oswestry Advertizer regular on loan this week as Jill Adger sent in a rainy shot of Whitchurch’s Alderford Lake and a lonely bird.

Below that, we have Caroline Barrett’s shot of her trip to Bangor-on-Dee in some rare good weather this week.

Bottom-left, we have Kathryn Goddard’s shot of a Mere duck full of colours all over.

Pauline Jones’s shot of this very busy bee is an absolutely stunner and there’s a great mix of colours on display.

To finish, we have Yvonne Sheridan’s arty shot of a good old fashioned old post box that looks redder than this correspondent left out in the sun.

Please do head to the Camera Club page over on our Facebook page and send us yours pictures, especially over the coming days, and we look forward to sharing your work in a forthcoming edition.