THERE will be no sports week in Tilston this year following the organiser's decision to cancel the event.

The event was planned to take place from August 3 to August 7, but Tilston Playing Field Association have cancelled the event over health and safety concerns.

A spokesman for the group says that while people are free to use the field, Covid-19 measures mean there would be no way to safely hold the event.

They said: "Regretfully we are cancelling the sports week this year.

"We feel we would be putting the health of children, young leaders and volunteer adults at risk of catching the Covid-19 deadly virus.

"We have only one toilet and washbasin to use so frequent handwashing would be impossible.

"Because of the nature of the activities we provide social distancing of two metres would be impossible.

"The play equipment, zip wire and adult gym are out of bounds and with large numbers of children present we would struggle to keep them off everything.

"We could not sanitise all the small equipment we use, so would be in danger of passing the virus around and we could not provide snacks and drinks.

"I hope you can all understand our reasoning.

"Remember you can use the field, but not the equipment, but should not meet in groups of more than six and then keep two metres distance.

"Thank you for helping keep us all safe."