WHITCHURCH Alport’s commercial manager has shed more light on the club’s new stadium sponsorship deal.

Last week the club revealed they had secured a deal with KMJ Mortgages Ltd, owned by Tracey Lloyd, with the club adding the company name to Yockings Park.

Tracey is the partner of the Reds’ goalkeeping coach and the personal connection to the club was a factor in the deal, explained club spokesman Tom Sheridan.

“Tracey is the partner of our goalkeeping coach, Paul Mellings, and wanted her business involved with Whitchurch Alport,” Mr Sheridan said.

“We offered her a number of options and this was the one she decided on but it was important we kept the name Yockings Park in the title.

The club expressed its delight at the deal.

Sheridan added: “KMJ have a lengthy client list and Tracey wanted somewhere where she could entertain some of them and who knows, if we could get one or two of them interested in sponsoring then it would prove the power of networking.

“The investment will be used predominantly in maintaining the grounds in and around Yockings Park which will include the upkeep of the playing surface which costs a lot of money over the course of a season. “We are delighted to have them on board.”

Tom also revealed that three other businesses have agreed to sponsor the club.

“The player’s kit bags will be sponsored by Chester’s chippy, Raj from Drinks Stop has once agreed to sponsor the away kit and Bluewater Indian restaurant will provide the first team management and coaches team wear for the coming season,” he added.

“Without the help of local businesses they would have to be paid for out of the club’s coffers.”