PLANS have been submitted for the building of up to four dwellings on land near a farm in Ellesmere.

The plans, for Mayfield Farm in Elson, on the route from Ellesmere to St Martins, were submitted to Shropshire Council on Friday, June 19 and are for the development of up to four dwellings and associated infrastructure.

The plans have been submitted by Berrys, the land agents, on behalf of Mayfield Farm, and has set out the main application for Shropshire Council.

The statement said: “The application is an outline planning application for up to four dwellings.

“Whilst the application is in outline at this stage, with all matters reserved apart from access, an indicative layout accompanies this statement which identifies the site’s ability to accommodate the level of development proposed.

“While the form and layout of the development will be finalised as part of any reserved matters application for the site, in order for the proposed development to respond sensitively to the local vernacular, site constraints and ensure that the proposed scheme does not result in any unacceptable adverse impact that outweighs the benefits to be gained, a number of design principles and concepts are considered appropriate to the development site.”

Berrys said the character of the proposal will respond to the local vernacular of the development, as it is envisaged that the development will:

Comprise of dwellings of two storeys in height to echo the existing residential development in this locality;

  • Consist of up to four dwellings, a scale and density of development that can be accommodated on the site having regard to site constraints and being reflective of the density of existing residential development in the settlement;
  • Be accessed from a single (approved) access point off the B5068;
  • Be constructed from a palette of materials that will complement and enhance the existing built form of the settlement.

The deadline for public comments is Tuesday, July 14 at