Welcome to a wild and stormy Whitchurch Herald Camera Club where the weekend’s extreme weather has produced some superb pictures for us.;

Thanks once again for everyone who has submitted these pictures and there’s still quite a few we couldn’t get through too.

They really are superb and if you want to join our club, then please head to Facebook and search Whitchurch Herald Camera Club, and ask to join.

On with this week’s club and it’s a great start from Kayleigh Cheshire as she was one of a few to capture the storm which passed over Whitchurch on Saturday and Sunday.

Below that, Carl Wynn managed to get out between the storms and captures this brilliant shot of a tree stump – although with the dry ground and warm evening skies, it almost looks like an elephant’s foot – or is that just us?

Next to that is Karin Goddard’s even darker storm shot, showing over the gathering clouds and what was to come.

We have new member Clare Williams next, who has captured a good mix of sun and storm as the clouds swirl around her house.

Below that is two ends of the storm scale – Brian Roberts on the left with a peaceful sunset but Caroline Barrett on the right caught a beautiful rainbow in the heavy rain clouds of the passing storm.

To finish, we have Teresa Bandey’s shot of two goldfinches who clearly booked the table before their argument started...