Popular US thriller writer Harlan Cobden has had several projects adapted by Netflix, the latest to reach our shores is The Woods, a six part series set in Poland that follows a decades old missing persons case.

Cobden’s previous Netflix adaptations include Safe and The Stranger (both set in the UK) which were strangely watchable yet clearly not great!

These are unintentionally hilarious shows made for binge watching on a rainy weekend. It never sits easy for me to recommend a series on the basis of how hokey and unbelievable it is, but I’ll make an exception here.

Watch the UK set series first before moving on to The Woods and you’ll quickly start noticing the odd tropes and themes that run through the shows, abandoned subplots, contrived cliffhangers and late appearance of major characters. I’m almost ashamed to say I’ll be glued to the screen for this one, but I will.

With cinemas still to reopen, more films originally due for the big screen have come straight to the streaming services instead. These are typically classed as Premium Video on Demand (VOD) films and often have a higher rental cost than older films, usually £13.99.

On the plus side viewing at home means you can watch them in your PJs, always a bonus. One such film is musical comedy drama The High Note, available from Amazon, CHILI and more. It’s a fairly standard set up with the PA to a famous singer being desperate to become a producer.

The film’s USP is that Motown legend Diana Ross’ daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, plays the singer, sings the songs and sounds absolutely wonderful doing so.

Dakota Fanning plays the put upon PA and although the outcome is never in doubt, the journey looks fun. Anyone looking for a much lighter version of A Star is Born, or an edgier version of Mamma Mia, will find much to enjoy here.