Danny Boyle’s 2011 film ‘127 Hours’ is a new addition to Prime Video. The film documents the harrowing true story of Aron Ralston’s fight for survival.

After leaving for a trip through Bluejohn Canyon, Utah, and not telling anyone where he is going, he becomes trapped under a dislodged boulder and the deadly reality sets in.

With his left hand smashed and his right forearm crushed against the canyon wall, he begins to accept his fate. But after experiencing an emotional hallucination of him playing with a child, he uses his last remnant of strength and amputates his own arm in order to escape. His bravery and determination make this a truly astounding story.

Cinematography by Enrique Chediak and Anthony Dod Mantle make this a stunning film. The limited colour pallet is used effectively as they make use of lighting in creative ways and although some scenes are full of graphic action, the shots are tasteful and tell the reader everything they need to know through sounds and facial expressions.

James Franco delivers an outstanding performance, managing to portray an array of complicated emotions and sarcastic humour perfectly and makes Ralston a lovable and well-rounded character.

Nine years after its release, this film is still exceptional. It is suspenseful, shocking and superb with perfectly-executed acting and writing. Aron Ralston’s life story is inspiring – ‘127 Hours’ does justice.