SHROPSHIRE Council has announced the roads that will undergo repairs as part of its summer programmes, with works underway.

The roads in the north east of the county to be worked on were announced by the council this week.

In Whitchurch, repairs will be made to Pear Tree Lane – off Chester Road – and also to St John's Street, as well as the Hawkstone Park Hotel Road.

There will be also be repairs made to Tilstock Road from the roundabout to where the road becomes 30 mph.

In Wem, there will be work on the B5063, from Welshampton to Wem, from Broughton to Wem, and also on the A49.

The worked started on June 3 and is expected to run until August.

"We've announced our programme of roads that are to be surface dressed this summer season," said a council spokesman.

"Surface dressing (applying and rolling aggregate ‘chippings’ onto a bituminous binder) is a proven quick, efficient and cost-effective way of maintaining skid-resistance and waterproofing road surfaces and, as such, forms a major part of our annual road maintenance programme.

"The 2020 surface dressing season is due to start on June 3, with operations ongoing until August.

"Most of the road closures will only be required for a few hours for the dressing operation, and we don’t envisage most being more than one day in duration.

"In order to keep affected residents and road users informed of when and how long closures will be in place, advance information signs will be positioned on each site in the weeks preceding proposed commencement of works."