Welcome to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and we don’t think we could have brought any more spring and summer if we tried.

Well, maybe if the sun had his hat on, but that’s about it.

The submissions are brilliant and we thank you for them – choosing this week has again proven tough and we even had to leave out a water vole.

Starting from top left, it’s Kate Long with her fledgling crow at White Lion Meadow and Tesco, probably waiting for its mum to finish chatting to a neighbour and fly off.

Below that, Claire Mayers caught this fledgling blue tit looking very fluffy while next to that, mark Lewis has some more ready to fly the nest for their own lives.

Away from the birds, Emma Victoria has been out walking again and has caught the canalside in Whitchurch looking lovely.

Graham Mason had a special delivery on Saturday afternoon as a young blue tit waited to be fed in Highers. He and wife Carol also had a Robin nesting in the ivy on the garage.

Next to that there is a stunning shot from Gary Crawford as he caught a brilliantly-blue sky and a perfect white daisy.

And to finish, we have Yvonne Sheridan back with an excellent effort, a ready-to-be blown dandelion by the canal in the wonderful weather we’ve been having.

If yours didn’t appear, don’t worry – keep sending them to the Facebook group.