So, FAREWELL to clap for the carers.

The popular Thursday night every week brought together many households and communities to show their support for the frontline workers across the start of the pandemic.

Those who worked in healthcare, especially doctors, nurses, and carers who were going into the houses of those who could not look after themselves.

The clap, which came to an end last week after a plea from ‘founder’ Annemarie Plas, also then came to represent those who were putting themselves in danger on a weekly basis – such as bus drivers, those who worked on trains and supermarket workers who have faced huge changes to their working lives.

The clap took on a life of its own around Oswestry and the surrounding area – in Gobowen there were suitably socially distanced dances on the streets while youngsters did their best to join.

In Whittington, Wayne Culliss and his family took street art to a whole new level for the lockdown while in Ellesmere, ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’ became a local celebrity with his walks around the town.

Many more streets throughout the towns had youngsters waiting to go out onto the streets at 8pm and do the clap, which in turn inspired them to carry out their own ways of raising money for the NHS charities.

But Ms Plas has called for the clap to become an annual thing, for people to show their appreciation for those who worked to treat those with Covid-19 or ensure that their fellow keyworkers made it to work on time.

l Are considering carrying on clapping for keyworkers in the coming weeks?