A FARMER whose quad bike was stolen has called for help in retrieving the vehicle, believing the thief planned the robbery.

Robert Mainwaring, from Oteley Farm in Ellesmere, was speaking after the quad bike was stolen at 1.30am on Sunday morning from Oteley while it was being used to help a calving cow.

It was taken across the fields to the back of the mere on Swan Hill, Ellesmere.

Mr Mainwaring says the thief took advantage of the work going on at the farm to steal the bike.

" We have cows that occasionally calve every now and then," he said.

"My member of staff who deals with that came down in a pick-up truck to get the keys for and take back the quad bike.

"He then left that at the top of the field with the lights on and the pick up truck at the other end.

"The person who stole the bike was waiting and they grabbed the keys and took the bike.

"They didn't take the pick-up truck so they obviously came for the quad bike.

"We got him on CCTV and we followed him taking it – he was seen on the bike still at 2.30am too

"The bike was all they wanted."

Anyone with information around the theft at the farm should contact West Mercia Police on 101, quoting the incident number 59s120520.

Meanwhile, the theft at Oteley Farm came 24 hours before The Swan Hill compound, in Cremone Gardens near the Mere, was broken into and their quad bike stolen.

A Shropshire Council spokesman said: "If anyone saw or heard anything in and around Swan Hill could you please let us know, they were likely to have had a trailer.

"It makes the job harder but we'll manage, we will not let the thieves actions daunt us."

Anyone with information should contact West Mercia Police.