Welcome to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thank you to all the people who have submitted pictures, as well as coming over to the Camera Club on our Facebook page.

It’s great to see new faces each week, but that doesn’t mean we’re kicking our founding members out of the door – we always want to see ones from yourselves.

Anyway, what a cracker to begin with as Steve Le Good’s dog shows off their best side. We don’t have a name to put to their magnificent face but it’s a cracker.

Below that we have a speckled wood butterfly from Brian Roberts who got up close near Wem.

Next to that, Teresa Bandey grabs the coveted ‘now that’s a sunset’ slot with this superb shot of the sun going down in the western skies over Whitchurch. Wow!

Poppy Hall is next up and we seem to think that she’s caught a very rare sight in England these days – a red squirrel! One of our reporters used to see them all the time in Germany but a sight in the UK is rare.

“Now, Rolo,” said Jackie Reynolds. “I just want you to sit there with your ball looking magnificent in the mists. Can you do that?” The proof is in the picture.

New member Gary Crawford has caught this beauty over the north Shropshire countryside – welcome to the club Gary.

And to finish, Kayleigh Cheshire has Colemere all wrapped up in a bubble.

To see more, head to the Camera Club on Facebook.