Whitchurch Alport Football Club are in good hands following the re-appointment of fans favourite Luke Goddard, says the man himself.

Goddard’s appointment was confirmed last week and has generated much excitement among the Reds’ faithful.

It’s almost four years to the day since Goddard was first installed in the hotseat at Yockings Park but he finds it in far better shape than it was in 2016.

“There was so much to do when I first arrived, but I had a vision for the club and recognised the potential in it,” said Goddard.

“So many people bought into what I wanted to do and we’ve been so lucky because we have a great number working behind-the-scenes at the club who get very little recognition for what they do.

In simple terms, without them we wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near what we’ve managed to and so it’s been very much a team effort.”

The most obvious change is to the facilities at the stadium which is the envy of almost every club in the NWCFL.

“Our ground was typical of many of the clubs as it was unloved and desperate for more than a lick of paint,” he added.

“We replaced all the seats in the main stand and extended the changing rooms. The floodlights were completely upgraded and a covered terrace was completed on the far side.

“We installed hard-standing around the whole perimeter with a grant from the FA allowing us to put new fencing on all four sides of the ground. Nice additions have been a new covered all-seated stand and an electronic scoreboard with the Alport Lounge another excellent add-on at the ground.

“There have been several other improvements at Yockings and so the acceleration to the potential I first saw has been incredible and that’s thanks to the hard work of so many people which makes us unique.

“I can promise supporters that the hard work continues despite the pandemic.

“We are working safely to improve further our fantastic ground so that fans will be even more proud of their home when they next walk through the gates.”