WEST Mercia Police officers in Telford have slammed the 70 people who attended an impromptu rave at Granville Park over the weekend.

Officers attended in the park in the early evening after reports of people coming together in what appeared to be a pre-planned event, with a DJ set up and ready to play.

Tweeting their reaction, the shocked and disappointed officers were critical of the group's willingness to break lockdown.

"We are attending a mass gathering/rave at the Granville Park," said officers.

"[We're] told 70 people here! We have worked so hard and sacrificed so much and this group decide it doesn't apply. I'm shocked that people would care so little. #hangYourHeadsInShame

No-one was fined for their actions, with Telford Cops again tweeting to clarify why.

They added: "Just to clarify. We don't fine unless there is no other action open. We engage and explain.

"We asked the group to disperse and they did. We would ask anyone who is thinking of organizing (sic) one of these events to think of the bigger picture. Please refer to the government guidelines."

The rave came after mixed messages from the government about what people can do following the easing of lockdown last week by prime minister Boris Johnson.