THE coronavirus lockdown may still be affecting the Church of England, but for Fauls, Tilstock and Whitchurch things are still going on behind the scenes.

The three churches will soon have a new curate in the form of Sam Johnson.

Sam grew up in Lichfield and after Bible College went to work in Bath.

Since then he has been training for ordination at Cranmer Hall in Durham and is set to take up his new role towards the end of June.

Meanwhile, St Alkmund’s has been awarded a Dementia Friendly certificate for their continued work in the coronavirus pandemic.

The church is now able to display a poster outlining their responsibilities and action plan for the current year.

To support those with dementia and their family members or carers, the church is able to provide regular phone contact, access to weekly electronic mailings, videos and music whether people are church members or not.

Other services the church is able to provide include working with the memory service to support any individuals in particular need and offering strong support to those who are recently bereaved.

The church is also maintaining contact with residential and nursing homes to provide emotional and spiritual support for residents, staff and family members and looks to build rapidly on these connections once restrictions are lifted.