WHEN it comes to selling a car, there can be all kinds of problems facing someone, from the process of listing it to the inevitable arrival of 'tyre kickers'.

But for George McGowan, from St Martins in north Shropshire, it is a chance to to raise funds for charities that are close to his heart and move on a car that he no longer needs, now he has moved onto a new job.

The 24-year-old admits his idea was borne out of struggling to find a buyer for the Audi A5 but insists he soon realised the opportunity to make money for charities including Whitchurch's Acorn Dog Kennels, in Heath Road, where he would like to buy some food for the residents.

And he is urging everyone to get involved for the chance to win a car he values at more than £6,000 for just the price of £30 a ticket.

"I currently do not use the Audi A5 due to having another car, so with the current circumstances in play with COVID-19 and some people down on their luck, I decided that I would raffle it off for £30 a ticket," said George, who is looking to sell a minimum of 220 tickets to cover the asking price.

"Hopefully this will be a huge positive and great prize during this uncertain time for the lucky winner.

"My immediate thought was that if I can sell 250 tickets, then that would cover the cost of the car while also leaving a healthy balance left over to donate to charities.

"I have three immediate choices: The Robert Jones and Agnus Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, because of the hard work they are putting in during the pandemic.

"If I can buy a load of pizzas for the staff from some of the money left over then hopefully that will show some appreciation that we all have for the job they do day in and day out.

"Second is Hope House – these guys do a great job but with the current circumstances I can imagine they are struggling to raise the funds they would like to, so if I can help a little along the way then I’m happy about that.

"Thirdly, I would love to be able to donate a good chunk of money to Acorn Dog Kennels in Whitchurch.

"I have so much adoration for dogs and these guys don’t have anywhere near the amount of support as others so if I can support with a donation where it may help buy a supply of dog food, then I will be ecstatic."

George insists every penny raised over the 220 tickets will go to the causes, and admits he would like to hit 300

He added: "In terms of the raffle; I have it set out at £30 per ticket and I currently have 80 per cent of 220 tickets sold. I plan to draw the winner towards the end of June dependant on how many tickets are selling daily and this will be done live to show the legitimacy of the raffle."

From Wednesday, George hopes to have a domain dedicated to the ticket sales, but anyone wanting to know more can contact him via Facebook or email george.mcgowan@live.co.uk