FRONTLINE workers across Shropshire have been given bicycles thanks to a scheme organised by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

John Campion, PCC for West Mercia, has donated 20 bicycles to help frontline workers carry out their vital work.

The bicycles, that have been seized by West Mercia Police and not claimed, will be given to Shropshire Cycle Hub where they will be refurbished before being donated to NHS and health and social care workers, allowing the staff to reach all those that need care.

Mr Campion said the move would help ease the daily worries of frontline workers.

"The frontline work of our NHS, health and social care workers is nothing short of amazing," said the PCC. "Especially during the current national emergency.

"We can all take steps to help to ease the daily worries they face, which include travelling to and from their place of work.

"As PCC I will continue to support all of our NHS and healthcare workers, and the important work they are doing, in any way that I can.

Superintendent Mo Lansdale added: "We are really pleased to see items that have been seized, and not claimed despite best efforts, going to good use.

"This will hopefully go some way to show the appreciation we have for our NHS, health and social care workers and how much we value them."