Alport co-chairman, Tony Rogers, has revealed that the club are on tenterhooks awaiting an FA decision on where Alport will be playing when football resumes.

With all football divisions below the Football League cancelled as a result of the coronavirus, the FA has seen a possible chance to restructure the lower reaches of non-league football.

Alport currently play in the North West Counties Football League, alongside non-league stalwarts Runcorn Town and Northwich Victoria.

But a league restructuring could see them moved into the West Midlands Premier Division, where, in the opinion of Rogers, life logistically will be much harder for the Alport side.

“There is still a plan to restructure the lower leagues but due to the coronavirus outbreak and the cancellation of last season, we are hoping that those plans are put on hold,” said Rogers.

“We know that the [North West] Counties want to keep us in their league as they see us as something of a blueprint club after our first-year struggles, but unfortunately it won’t be their decision,” said Rogers.

“There is a possibility of us being moved into the West Midlands Premier Division but when you look at some of the clubs in there, with the exception of Worcester City, there are no big clubs in the league.

“You can travel as far as the south of Birmingham so it wouldn’t be good for us from a logistical point of view.”

It is not just travelling that presents an issue in Rogers’ eyes, club recruitment would also suddenly become more difficult.

“The biggest fear though is the recruitment of players,” he added. “Our coaching staff have a decent network across local areas as far out as Staffordshire, but you wouldn’t blame our current crop of players if they didn’t want to travel deep into the Midlands.

“It would be unchartered territory for us to have to tap into players based in Walsall or Wolverhampton, so we would be at a distinct disadvantage if the sideways move were to come off.

“Hopefully, they will be rethinking their plans as I’m sure they will have much bigger fish to fry.

“If we can stay in the NWCFL, and retain the current squad, I see no reason why we can’t learn from the lessons of last season and give it our best shot of promotion next term.”

Rogers added that he feels that Alport haven’t reached their true potential yet.

“When Luke [Goddard] came here four years ago he spoke of a project and a journey,” added Rogers.

“He has achieved so much and has advanced us as a club where we are now at a completely different level than we were before he came.

“Much of that has been done by involving the local community and making them proud of their town’s football club and so many of them have joined our superb set of volunteers.

“I firmly believe that we can go into step four without needing to make many improvements to our stadium and we will certainly be an attractive proposition to anyone who might be in a position to come in and help us to move forward.”