Welcome to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thanks once again for all of your contributions.

We’re seeing some new names in the group this week and hopefully, as people are using their time to get out and about within the lockdown rules, our numbers will continue to grow.

Starting on the left, it’s three orphaned lambs all taking a rest, courtesy of Karen Holding, after they’ve just had a big drink to make them strong. Amazing.

Below that, Claire Mayers took a picture of this thrush just resting in her garden.

Next to that is a photograph by Graham King, who caught a very tranquil Llangollen Canal between Whitchurch and Grindley Brook, and it’s a beauty of a shot.

Kate Long is back again with a fine picture of a kestrel looking imperious and probably planning what it’s going to have for its tea.

Then we have a bit of history in our bottom left pictures from Dave Forrester, who snapped these overgrown toilets that are remnants of a former Second World War base, but is now Wem Industrial Estate.

Then Mark Lewis sent in this picture of lesser spotted woodpeckers, but I can definitely see two of them! Great shot.

And to finish, Caroline Barrett sent in this great shot of this view in Higher Wych in the spring sun.

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