A VEHICLE hire firm from Whitchurch has completed their own ‘mission impossible’, by supplying 170 vehicles to the NHS in just three days.

Fourways Vehicle Self Drive, based in Bridgewater Street, is a supplier of vans to the NHS all over the UK, but has faced unprecedented demand in the last few days because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Andy Millichamp, who runs the firm, says he has had to beg and borrow support from neighbours to complete the deliveries for various ambulance services, including those serving Telford, Hereford, Rugby and London, and says it is the ‘biggest thing he has ever pulled off’.

“We’re supplying for the NHS, and managed to supply 170 extra vehicles,” said Andy.

“I had to beg and borrow from neighbours to get it all done.

“It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever pulled off really.

“I just want to thank everyone that has come together, helping me and my team, all for the NHS.

“It’s been tough but such a laugh start to finish. Everyone has been amazing.”

Aside from helping the NHS, Andy, like many others, has found business slow as of late.

With a yard full of vehicles and drivers, Andy wants to put his firm’s ‘essential business’ status to use, and deliver good around town.

He added: “We have stock left in the yard, but we can’t deliver to anyone accept key workers, so we would like to help with our vehicles to deliver supplies.

“We’ve got our team of drivers so we can utilise them, and it’s finding work for them as well.

“We’ve all been affected, but we’re fortunate that we supply the NHS.

“This way we’re supporting the local market and it’s giving us something do as well.

“If there’s a big housing trust in the area it might be of benefit to them, because we’ve got the big vehicles, we can transport large amounts of goods very quickly. I want to look at housing trusts, local hospices, that sort of thing.

“We’re quite happy to pick it up and take supplies round. We have got vehicles with rows of seats to separate drivers and passengers.”

“We’ve got a yard full of cars and drivers, but apart from the NHS, we’re limited by what we can do.”

To get in touch with Andy, call 01948 661327, email info@fvsd.co.uk