WHITCHURCH-based engineering firm Landia say panic buying from those scared by coronavirus could see vast volumes of unused food products heading to anaerobic digester (AD) biogas plants.

The sudden influx of additional waste food, from people over-shopping for self-isolation, could prove a challenge for firms without the best equipment.

But Landia, who specialise in industrial chopper pumps, say they are more than prepared for the potential increase.

"The industry needs feedstock", said Landia's Howard Burton. "But as panic buyers begin to regret overloading their supermarket trolleys with too many perishables.

"The sudden rush of food waste may arrive at AD plants at an even bigger rate than the post-Christmas wave of unwanted goods".

Burton pointed out that experienced industry operators such as Cannington Bio Energy are always geared up for the huge variances of food waste.

But he adds that others who perhaps have not invested in top quality pumps may see an adverse effect on their process – potentially with equipment that becomes blocked.

"It's a tough industry where the learning never stops", he added.

"But at this extremely testing time for the world, some AD/Biogas operators who use food waste as feedstock are going to find it very difficult to keep everything as balanced as possible to manage their processes.

"The torrent of food waste from panic buying isn't far away."