Welcome back for another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and we echo the thoughts of our editor Emily Lloyd on the Facebook page.

Your contributions keep this page going and we appreciate in these strangest of times getting out is going to be tough, so if you are popping out for a jog (with household members only), take your camera and record your social distancing for us.

Now, on with the page and thanks once again for submitting pictures, plus one of or two borrowed as well.

We start from left to right as ever, and we have a member of our sister club at the Oswestry Advertizer, Mike Turner, showing off new life in Colemere, and you have to agree with the esteemed philosopher Ian Malcolm who once said: “Life...finds a way...”

Below that we have Rosie Hindley’s chickens, who she says are like a constant shadow around her at the moment – they must know!

Kate Long, a long-time friend of the page, has three entries this week, including, as she said in her post, some ‘top voling’ with this guy doing its best T-Rex impression.

She also sent in this red-legged partridge practising social distancing, which is also apparent in Wendy Clough Jones’s picture of these horse standing two metres apart.

We have a Jill Adger Ellesmere sunrise and to finish, Kate is back with socially-isolated toad in Prees.