MALPAS Parish Council is encouraging residents who may be affected by the coronavirus to speak up and seek help.

Many people have begun to self-isolate in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this means that some made be unwilling to travel outside to purchase food or other supplies.

Councillors in Malpas have moved to reassure those people that if help is required, they are there and willing to assist, along with other community groups in the area.

The council are also urging people to keep an eye on their elderly neighbours and to assist them if possible.

"Malpas Parish Council acknowledges the real threat to individuals that the coronavirus brings to our community," a council spokesman said.

"If you haven't already, speak to neighbours that you know, and who know you, if they would like help now or in the future should they be affected by the virus.

"Especially look out for your elderly and vulnerable neighbours as they might need shopping or medication.

"We encourage concerned residents to contact local voluntary and community groups.

"In Malpas, among others, these include Malpas Community Links, Age UK Cheshire, OPAL and our local Churches.

"Malpas Community Links aim to provide some help for residents who do not have neighbours or family members looking after them."

For more information, call Cathy Reynolds on 01829 860561, Chris Whitehurst on 01829 86033 or Rachel Williams on 01829 860627.

Alternatively email