Children at Ellesmere Primary School were taken on a magical mystery tour recently when theatrical classmates put on a stunning theatre production.

Youngsters in Key Stage 2 showed a flair for the big stage when they performed Mystery at Magpie Manor for the whole school.

The thriller, set in the 1920s, had the audience transfixed as they tried to follow clues as to the identity of a dastardly thief as the plot twisted and turned.

Teacher Gemma Massey, who helped organise the extravaganza, said: "The children worked tirelessly, we are so proud of all of their efforts.

"From the chorus and the backstage crew, to our fantastic sound engineer, drummer and main cast, they were all splendid and rose to the challenge with great maturity.

"As it all came together, the children were able to see how valuable the experience was.

"Throughout their lives they will need to work as part of a team, experience nerves and understand the need to overcome them in various endeavours.

"There were so many extra curricular skills that ‘normal lessons’ just don’t cover, so we are delighted to have been able to provide them with this fantastic opportunity.

"Thank you to everyone who made this possible, it really is a big team effort."

Headteacher Stuart Roberts added: "It really was a fantastic show. The children gave it their all and created a truly engaging, exciting, enthralling and funny performance.

"Thank you to everyone who came along to support the children and provided costumes and props, the staff who worked so hard and, most of all, thank you to the children who sang, danced and acted their hearts out."