Welcome back to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club.

Our members have been out and about taking photographs for you to enjoy.

Kicking things off we have a great picture from Samual Barlow, age nine, who captured this bird mid-flight.

Kathryn Goddard was out for the full moon, while anothe great nighttime shot comes from Callum Beddows of wool burning.

John Barrett visited Whixall for this reflective image, while Jill Adger was up early and struck gold on her latest visit to the Mere in Ellesmere.

Young Joseph Sheridan, age 10, sent in this image of a primrose, and finally we have a hiding pheasant sent in by Mark Lewis.

We really enjoy the images you send in every week.

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We also feature a selection of Camera Club images every week on our website www.whitchurchherald.co.uk

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