SOCIAL media users in the town have reacted to reports of Whitchurch Town Council's recently-discussed plans to implement a 40mph limit along Chester Road, from the 30mph limit and the A41 roundabout.

The news has gathered a lot of attention online, with many of you more than a little sceptical about the practical realities of such a limit.

Several comments raised questions over the effectiveness of a limit, especially without enforcement, or whether the limit is even needed in the first place.

Nigel Jervis is one of those who believes that without proper enforcement, the limit will not be respected.

"If it was enforced yes. But it won't be," said Nigel. "People don't care.

"The road past the White House School is supposed to be 30 but people drive at 60 there.

"No point changing limits unless they are going to be enforced."

Andy Lloyd and Andrew Parker are two who do not see the need for such a limit.

"Pointless limit," said Andy. "Speeders don't pay attention to a [national speed limit] and therefore don't adhere to a lower limit."

Meanwhile Andrew added: "Existing speed limits at unenforced and therefore completely ignored!"

Helen Louise Sharman says the town council should look at other areas of the town first.

"Maybe they need to look at Station Road to make it safer for the children and parents going to and from the two schools," said Helen.

"Drivers rarely stick to the 30mph limit – in my opinion still too high – and often speed up to try and catch the lights."

Sarah Gill and Rob Mercer say the short length of the road means cars rarely travel that fast anyway.

"I think I only ever get to 40mph anyway," said Sarah. "No need to go any faster up that road."

Meanwhile Rob added: "Unless you're tanning it, you don't get much above that anyway."