FIRE crews have been called to Bangor-on-Dee to help another person out of flood water.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service received a call just after 4.15pm on Sunday reporting a motorcyclist stuck in water on the A525/Straight Mile.

The water incident unit and a fire crew from Wrexham were sent to the scene.

Ben Lee, from Bangor-on-Dee, was flying his drone to capture footage of the floods, but soon found himself in the centre of the action.

"I had gone just to capture footage, but the firefighters asked if I could fly up to the area," said Ben.

"Normally you have to keep at least 50 metres away.

"They asked to see the screen, so they could see the area better.

"I've now had communications from the commander, the one in the white helmet, if I could email the footage to him to use in the debrief."

Ben added that he is surprised that someone would attempt to ride through the floods on a motorcycle.

"I can't believe he's gone down there on a motorbike," added Ben. "He's got about halfway down the straight mile before the floods have knocked him off.

"He held onto the metal gate, before climbing onto the hedge as you can see in the footage. Apparently he had been there for just over an hour.

"The firemen then asked if I could find his motorbike with the drone. They might have fished it out by now, but the floods were so deep I couldn't see it."

A spokesman for the fire service said that the motorcyclist was rescue and left in the care of the Welsh Ambulance Service, adding: "If the road is closed due to the weather please don't ignore the road closure signage.

"It is there for your safety. Crews have been called out twice today to the same location in Bangor on Dee."

Crews were in Bangor-on-Dee just hours earlier following calls of a car stuck in flood water on the same road.

When firefighters arrived, there was nobody in the vehicle.