Welcome back to the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and we think its fair to say we’ve got some crackers for you!

Starting on the top left of page 40, we think this would make an excellent album cover for the hot new girl band everyone is talking about, with Tracey Evans capturing her snowy sheep on her farm.

Underneath, a very new parent shares that face as this ewe makes sure her little one has a bath time, while Teresa Bandey has sent in a very colourful sunrise that could be seen over Whitchurch.

Over on page 41, we have Brian Roberts scene from the River Roden which was flowing fast and deep after Storm Dennis struck, and Tracey Austin’s plastic sheep was a victim to the stormy weather.

And Haydn Jones sent these beautiful snowdrops in from his garden, while there’s something fishy about Jan Mapp’s cloud formation in Chirk.

Heather Price went quackers over these guys and Tracey Mullock caught these guys in her garden, plus this guy was brilliantly captured by Andrew Moz.

Back over onto this page and Neil Evans’ shot of the snows on the Horseshoe Pass are impressive, while Caroline Barrett sent in a moody view from Steel Heath as Storm Dennis loomed large.

Pat Marzelos had a more serene trip to Erddig in Wrexham and to finish, Jill Adger proved she is the maestro of sunsets.

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