CHESHIRE West and Chester Council has approved a planning application for seven houses in Malpas.

The houses will be built on vacant land off Church Street, across the road from Malpas Sports Club.

The developer says they will fill an empty gap in an otherwise developed area and that the houses have been designed to create a scheme that “compliments the character of the local area”, creating a quality environment for residents and visitors.

Additionally, the developers adds that the proposal does not encroach on the surrounding countryside and will have sufficient off-road parking.

The plans were initially submitted to the council in 2018, but plans went through numerous changes before settling on the current approved design this month.

The plans were approved by planning officer Brian Leonard based on a number of conditions.

Mr Leonard agreed that the plans were visually appealing, saying the designs were considered to be in keeping with the characteristics of the rest of the site and the surrounding area.

In terms of on-site amenities, Mr Leonard said that an appropriate level of parking has been provided.

He added that the layout will be built to adoptable standards and considered the fact that the site is within acceptable walking and cycling distances of many of the existing services and amenities within Malpas village centre.

One condition applied to the devolvement, was that no construction could commence until materials to be used in were construction were supplied to and agreed upon by the planning authority.

Also, no development is allowed to commence until details of landscaping are agreed upon by the planning authority.

These details include areas to be landscaped including the numbers, size, locations and species of trees and shrubs to be planted.

Mr Leonard says that if within a period of five years from the date of initial planting, any trees or shrubs planted in accordance with the approved landscaping works are removed, die, become diseased or seriously damaged, then replacement trees or shrubs shall be planted in the next planting season with others of similar size and species.

Other details that should be conveyed to the council include the details of the bird nesting boxes and bat boxes.

Finally, before each dwelling is first occupied it should be provided with electric car charging infrastructure including as a minimum, one dedicated 32 amp radial circuit which is directly wired to an appropriate RCD at the consumer unit.

The houses will also be designed and constructed to meet the higher National Housing Standard for water consumption of 110 litres per person per day.