A POLICE inspector for the north Shropshire region has urged residents to report crime in the right way, and refrain from reporting incidents on social media, before notifying the police.

Inspector Tracy Ryan has encouraged those who have information about crime in the region to refrain from 'naming and shaming' and asking people to identify suspects on social media.

She has also asked people to report any incidents or information to West Mercia Police directly.

Inspector Ryan is keen to ensure information posted on social media community pages does not hinder any investigations conducted by the police.

She posted on Twitter: "We are aware of a number of community pages on social media raising awareness of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in local areas.

"While we appreciate these pages raising awareness none of them are endorsed by West Mercia. If you have been affected by crime or ASB please report this via the appropriate routes.

"999 in an emergency or via the website to follow reporting pathways www.westmercia.police.uk

"We do not advocate the sharing of 'naming and shaming' or 'Please identify....' posts as these invariably invalidate any evidence gained.

"Equally we do not monitor these pages so unless the incidents posted are reported appropriately we are not going to take action."