PLANS on what to do in the event of a large scale emergency will be discussed at Whitchurch Town Council this week.

The discussion is being brought forward by Councillor Andy Hall, as the town currently lacks an official plan on how to co-ordinate an emergency response.

The government currently has a Community Emergency Plan toolkit, which offers advice to communities that wish to set up emergency plans.

But other than this toolkit, there are no emergency contingency plans below the countywide scale, potentially leaving the residents of Whitchurch in danger if the worst were to happen.

Cllr Hall says the need for an emergency plan is especially relevant, given the recent large scale flooding across Shropshire and the rest of the UK, and the current Coronavirus outbreak globally.

He says that various groups would be able to spring into action in the event of a large scale emergency, offering up support to those who need it.

“Many councils these days are implementing plans,” said Cllr Hall.

“It’s mine and others views that Whitchurch needs a co-ordinated plan in the event of an emergency.

“For example, Whitchurch has a lot of care homes, what happens if there is a fire? Places like St Alkmund’s and Sir John Talbot have large spaces where people can stay.

“The question I’m asking is how do we as a council react to that and how do we accommodate for that.

“Apart from the UK Government, there’s no advice. What the toolkit does is that it gives that advice.

“We as a town council have some facilities available, for example the Civic Centre, but what I’m suggesting is a few people get together, like-minded people.

“I’m not saying it needs to be Dad’s Army, but it’s how we come together and deal with it.

“Recent events bring it closer to mind, locally with the flooding in Shrewsbury and globally with the Coronavirus, but have we considered what to do?

“Here locally in north Shropshire I can’t find any plans, maybe we could form a working group to put something together.”

Whitchurch Town Council will meet tomorrow at 7.15pm at the Civic Centre to discuss the plans.