CRAFTERS in Whixall have been putting their knitting needles together for a new sit and sew group.

The first running of the group was held at Whixall Social Centre, on Friday, February 14 and saw plenty of people present to take part.

The group was launched by Elizabeth Hodgson, who said attendees had already made friends.

"I had no idea how many people would turn up," said Elizabeth. "But I knew some would come!

"We're going to do it every week, we're already making friends and exchanged numbers and that sort of thing.

"There's a range of experiences in the group, it's not strictly a teaching group but people can help each other out.

"We've got plenty of room here, so more people are welcome. Hand or machine, everyone is welcome."

For more details on the group, contact Elizabeth on 01948 880056 or email