Welcome back to this week’s Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and we really do thank you for taking the time to submit your snaps to the Facebook group.

It’s a hello to one or two new members as well, and please know we will always try to include your pics where we can.

So after Storm Ciara wreaked havoc on the area, the promised snow arrived straight after (and left a little too soon for some peoples’ liking).

Starting from left to right, as ever, we have Carl Wynne’s moody Mere in Ellesmere during the storm, and it is a brilliant effort from Carl.

Underneath, long-time member Laura Butler caught Hanmer Church grounds going through some changes to a covering of snow, while Caroline Barrett caught Alderford Lake’s snowy banks.

Roger Ashton has proven once again he has the eye for a fine sunset in the area with these colours mixing with the whiter clouds, possibly a sign of what was to come for the area.

Bottom right, we have new member Harry Jones, who joined this week, and from his vantage point he must have had his camera ready for the heaviest part of the snow fall in Whitchurch on Monday where the sky really did turn white.

It’s not just your fear, the owl is judging you, and finally we have Jayne Roberts who was out and about in the snow.

If you want to join the club, head to Facebook or email emily.lloyd@newsquest.co.uk