AN EVENING of motorsport has helped a Whitchurch garage raise a considerable sum of money for charity.

Blackhurst Garage, based in Shakespeare Way, held their motorsport evening on Thursday, January 30 and featured dozens of modern and classic racing and rally cars, as well as a few road going monsters.

Visitors were also able to hear from former rally co-driver, Howard Davies, as he spoke about his career in the sport.

The evening was able to raise more than £1,500, with the money going to Cancer Research UK and a Crewe-based charity.

Bertie Blackhurst, one of the garage’s owners, said the evening was a success.

“It was very good, “ said Bertie. “We raised in excess of £1,500.

“I don’t know how many people were there, but it was a lot – very busy.

“We had inside nine classics, plus our own cars. The guest speakers was Howard Davies, who spoke about his career.

“But it was a superb evening.”