Whitchurch ladies 1sts 3

Deeside Ramblers 3rds 1

Ladies firsts played at home against Deeside thirds on Saturday and saw a definite improvement to the Deeside side from last time they played.

Whitchurch ladies controlled the ball well passing back to Chloe Lloyd and Kezzie Hutching who were holding the defence line, passing back out wide to Anna Latham and Molly Fry.

Continuing to attack hard, midfield players Millie Edwards, Hebe Dixon and captain Catherine Winter-Gresty were making Deeside's game difficult.

It paid off as their first goal was from open play, passing within the dee from Sarah Field to Ellie Windsor to score.

The sides seemed quite equal at this point and keeper Maddy Sugden made some great sliding tackles, but unfortunately Deeside scored before half-time.

Whitchurch needed this win and continued to take control and put plenty of pressure on the Deeside defence.

A run of short corners for Whitchurch and their persistence paid off, Dixon receiving the ball to shoot and a rebound from a Deeside stick was quickly picked up by captain Winter-Gresty to slot through the Deeside defence into the left corner.

A moment of excited celebration for Whitchurch as that was their 100th goal of the season and this really changed their play.

In the lead again now and Whitchurch seemed to pick up the pace and worked so well together, picking off any advance from Deeside.

Hayleigh Busby kept Deeside from making any headway on the left, supported by Latham.

There were several shots on goal from Sarah Field, but the Deeside keeper was not for letting her score today.

With five minutes to go some amazing play from Windsor and Fry on the right won another short.

Edwards pushed out to Field to pick out Izzy Huxley on the post to score their third.

Now it was for Whitchurch Ladies firsts to keep possession until the final whistle for a final score of 3-1 for the Ladies.