North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has joined a group of senior Conservatives voicing concerns at using mobile phone provider Huawei as a 5G vendor.

A letter signed by Mr Paterson, along with MPs Iain Duncan Smith, David Davis, Bob Seely, Damian Green and Tobias Ellwood, has been sent to the Prime Minister calling on 'high-risk' vendors to be ruled out.

They say there are alternatives and are 'working to find a better solution'.

Mr Paterson shared a copy of the letter on Twitter, adding: "We need a long-term solution to the UK’s digital and communications infrastructure with no Huawei content."

The letter goes on to say: "We are aware that this is a complex decision and needs a considered answer that looks to the long-term.

"We are seeking to identify a means by which we ensure only trusted vendors are allowed as primary contractors into our Critical National Infrastructure. Trusted vendors would be companies from countries that have fair market competition, rule of law, respect human rights, data privacy and non-coercive Government agencies."

The UK government has already said there would be restrictions on Huawei's role as part of a 5G network.