Residents in Tallarn Green have been warned of door-to-door black market fish traders.

The warning comes from Wrexham Council’s Trading Standards team, who say the sellers are cold calling on homes offering to sell ‘fresh’ fish for cash or card payments.

A spokesperson said: "This black market fish often comes with no proper packaging, has no species or date information present, and is likely to have been transported in a non-refrigerated vehicle putting your health at risk.

"While there are many legitimate fish sellers who trade in our communities, unfortunately it is not uncommon to receive a visit from these criminal traders trying to sell you large quantities of fish at extortionate prices.

"Many offer to come into your home to put them in your freezer, and they will be long gone before you realise the inedible products they’ve left behind."

The Trading Standards team have also warned these individuals will "prey" on older and vulnerable people pressurising them into making purchases they do no want or need.

They continued: "As well as making demands for cash payments, they’ve been known to use hand held card machines where they inset large amounts hidden from the purchaser not allowing them to see what has been charged.

"No receipts are given, and price lists or business information including names or phone numbers may be false.

"With no details to trace these conmen, once they have gone you’ll be left with a product that from a safety aspect should never be eaten.

"Our advice is to never deal with anyone at your door."

You can report incidents to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 113 or for the Welsh Speaking service on 0808 223 1144.

Alternatively call Police Non-Emergency on 101.