Welcome to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and we’re delighted to welcome some new blood to the team!

The page is dominated by skies this week, and even something that can fall from the sky....in a way...

Starting top left, we have Philip Trafalgar’s church by the sea in Anglesey, which is a frankly stunning shot.

Then we have some snowdrops...so I was right...kind of...from Andrew Moz’s garden, while Jayne Roberts sent in this wonderful sunrise over the area.

Bottom right, we have nearby Dinas Bran in Llangollen where Janette Hyde caught this tremendous misty view – it’s a super vision of the hills.

Then we have this tremendously arty shot of a sunset in a mud puddle from Gary Lee Crawford, who posted a series of great snaps on our Facebook page – check them out for yourself.

Next to that we have a superb sunrise from our latest member schoolboy Archie Hayward, a youngster who caught the sun on the up and we hope to see more from a talented snapper. Welcome young man!

And finally we have this wonderful sunset from regular poster Jill Adger, which does show how beautiful our area is in winter or summer.

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