Ludlow 21

Whitchurch 7

IT WAS a bad day at the office for Whitchurch rugby Club, as a second-half comeback fell short against Ludlow.

The visitors went to south Shropshire missing several players because of injuries and previous commitments but that was no excuse for the lacklustre first half and slow start of what was still a strong side.

Whitchurch looked as if they had just got off the team bus when they fell behind after three minutes to a converted try.

The visitors then woke up abruptly and began to pressure the Ludlow line.

A pushover try by Jack Furnival was disallowed by the referee much to the amazement of the Whitchurch players and supporters.

Ludlow again surged forwards with their quick backs but the reds held out until the 37th minute when some loose tackling let the home side in again under the posts.

The easy conversion was made and Whitchurch prepared to go into half time and regroup.

Ludlow had other ideas and further sloppy tackling from Whitchurch let them in again in the 42nd minute.

The home side looked in complete command as the whistle went for the half.

Whitchurch came out in the second-half having had a blast from coaches Scott Sturdy and Noel Speed.

There was much more aggression and purpose to their game and they had the home side penned down in their 22 area for most of the half.

A series of drives saw them just feet from the line after several infringements from Ludlow.

Whitchurch looked certain to score when the referee again puzzled everyone by giving a penalty to Ludlow who cleared their lines.

This seemed to incense the visitors who began to show why they are in fifth place in the league and they forged forward with purpose and menace.

A lineout on the five metre mark saw a great catch and drive and Jack Furnival got the try he thought he had scored in the first half.

A Danny Nicholas conversion brought the score to 21-7 and Whitchurch threw everything they could to effect the turnover but Ludlow’s defence held out for a deserved win.

In the words of Sturdy: “A bad day at the office”.

But Whitchurch hope to bounce right back next week at home against Newbold on Avon.