A CARE home provider has moved to reassure residents of Hampton over an application for a new home in the village.

Compass Children's Homes have applied for a change of use for a home in Cholmondeley Road, from a typical residential home to a care home.

Several Hampton residents have come forward to express their concern though, with fears over the suitability of the location, combined with the nature of the children at the home.

A spokesman for Compass said concerns from residents was "wholly unnecessary" and said the activities of children at the home would be carefully monitored.

"Compass Children’s Homes provide high-quality care for hundreds of children a year in homes across the country, enabling them to benefit from a stable, secure ‘home from home’ environment when this would not otherwise be the case," a spokesman said.

"We fully understand why some local residents in the Malpas area of Cheshire may initially feel concern about the planning application but hope to reassure them that their concern is wholly unnecessary.

"As with all our homes, the progress and activities of each young person will be continually monitored.

"Ensuring their wellbeing, together with that of our neighbours – with whom we are always fully engaged - is central to everything we do."

But Local residents are steadfast in their assertions that the location of the home is unsuitable.

One resident of Cholmondeley Road, who did not wish to be named, said residents felt "very bitter" about the affair.

"We've got to get to the bottom of this," he said. "We all feel very bitter about it.

"We're all old age pensioners, this is a very dangerous round with a very dangerous bend.

"The people who are in favour of this application are not from round here. There is nothing for these kids to do.

"Somebody's got to be aware we weren't even told about this application."

Meanwhile another Cholmondeley Road resident is worried over the perceived lack of transparency surrounding the plans.

"From our perspective, there's a deeper underlying problem," he said "If a planning application is made, the application should be transparent.

"What they're looking to do is to school on site. Don't get me wrong, they've got to be housed somewhere.

"But Compass have been taking information of the nature of the home off their website."

There has also been some confusion as to why comments made to Cheshire West and Chester Council have not been appearing online.

The council say this issue is related to data protection, related to removed names and addresses.

A spokesman for CWAC said: "The move is under consultation and a software change is the most likely solution.

"We have done this in relation to other authorities who have made similar decisions."

The application will be discussed by No Man's Heath Parish Council tomorrow evening at Bishop Heber High School from 7pm.