PLANS for Centre North East will take a step forward at Whitchurch Town Council on Thursday, as councillors will set up a working group.

The meeting will be held in the Edward German Room of the Whitchurch Civic Centre and will begin at 7.15 pm, with the mayor's report.

The minutes from last month's meeting will be discussed, before receiving an updated council resolution record.

Following on from this, standing orders will be suspended while members of the public speak to the council.

Members of the public are invited to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of business being transacted at the meeting and about any other matter for which the Council has a responsibility.

The council will then hear an update from the local policing team, if possible as well as hearing a report from Shropshire Council.

Standing orders will then be reinstated so councillors can discuss the accounts from the previous month.

Councillors will then discuss and approve the minute from various committees, including the Cultural and Civic Centre Committee, Finance Committee and the Personnel Committee.

A letter from Harley Gallimore Johnson regarding plastics will be discussed by councillors, before appointing a member to the Whitchurch Relief In Need charity.

Councillors will discus a motion from Cllr John Sinnott, to propose that Whitchurch Town Council withdraw their interest in the land at Sherrymill Hill.

There will also be a recommendation from the Finance Committee to remove the grant scheme from the budget for the next financial year before moving on to review the revised 2020-2021 budget, make amendments as necessary and propose acceptance to enable Whitchurch Town Council to submit its precept request to Shropshire Council in a timely manner.

A working group will also be set up for Centre North East, with the item being proposed by Cllr Harvey Vassey.

Finally, there will be an update to the stage testing, before moving onto confidential and staffing matters.