A TOWN councillor has expressed dismay at what he perceives to be Whitchurch Town Council’s failure to follow procedure.

In an email seen by The Herald, Councillor Andy Hall described his increasing frustration over complaints made by himself to the town council not being referred to, in his view, the relevant people.

Cllr Hall states in the email to Personnel Committee chairman Cllr Simon Hamlyn that “Whitchurch Town Council’s complaints procedure says that where the town clerk or mayor receives a written complaint about his or her own actions, he or she will refer the complaint to the council”.

The council will also consider whether the circumstances attending any complaint warrant the matter being discussed in the absence of the press and public, but any decision on a complaint will be announced at the council meeting in public.

It is Cllr Hall’s opinion that complaints should be handled by the full council, rather than being sent to the Personnel Committee and queried town mayor Cllr Bev Duffy’s course of action.

“As you will be aware, I have made three valid complaints to Whitchurch Town Council (WTC) as a corporate body in regard to its continued failure to follow or comply with the legislation laid out within the Freedom of information Act 2000,” said Cllr Hall.

“To date none of the complaints have been actioned correctly or satisfied by WTC.

“I have followed the WTC’s complaints procedure to the letter but sadly, Cllr Duffy has chosen to forward my complaints to the personnel committee rather than full council for unknown reasons.

“As the nature of my complaints are not directed at a member of staff or an officer of the council. I fail to understand Cllr Duffy’s actions.

“In addition to the above, matters surrounding Freedom of Information are delegated to full council as stated in its terms reference for full council and not personnel, who do not have delegated powers to deal with this matter as suggested by Cllr Duffy in her email to me.

“WTC’s policies and procedures seem perfectly clear to me.”

Cllr Hamlyn declined to comment. The Personnel Committee will meet tomorrow at 7pm at the Civic Centre.