Two young siblings from Malpas have made one of the largest Christingles in existence for their local church service to raise money for The Children’s Society.

Idris Lumb, five, and Arianwen Lumb, three, made the Christingle, with assistance from mum Marie, after Revd Helen Molesworth challenged them for their service on Sunday, December 8.

The family rose to the challenge, making it out of recycled paper mache and cardboard tubes along with LED lights.

Marie said: “When the vicar asked us to create a large Christingle for the service on Sunday, I think she envisioned something more pumpkin size.

“We hadn’t intended on making such a giant Christingle but once we started we got a bit carried away!

“When it came to taking it to the church I thought ‘how are we going to get it through the front door’, but in the end we managed to carry it to the church on a tablecloth.

“Idris and Arianwen had lots of fun making it and we are glad it is now going on tour!

“We are really thankful to our local farmer who has said they can transport it in their trailer to Bickerton on Sunday.”

Revd Molesworth, added: “St Oswald’s Church family were totally amazed when they arrived to worship on Sunday to discover this enormous, vibrant Christingle in church!

“It is tremendous and tells the greatest story ever told.

“The Lumb family have done a brilliant job and their hard work and inspiration brought great joy to us all on Sunday.”

“By taking the Christingle “on tour” we will shine the light of Christ across our community, while raising awareness of the valuable work of The Children’s Society.”