Concerns have been raised by councillors in Wem over the installation of poppies on lamp posts throughout the town.

At Wem Town Council's full council meeting, held on Thursday, November 28, a proposal was put forward on behalf of Councillor Chris Mellings to install poppies on lamp posts for Remembrance Day next year.

Several members of the council approved of the idea but clerk of the council Penny O'Hagan was not a fan of the idea, from a logistical point of view.

"The money isn’t the issue here, it’s more the logistics and if it’s appropriate," said Penny. You’ll always be able to get people to put them up, but the year after and the year after that?

"It’s not as easy as it sounds. Just because others towns do it and other areas do it, it’s about what’s doing what’s best for this town."

Cllr Peter Drummond also expressed reservations about the plan, fearing that it strayed close to making Remembrance into a festival rather than a day of respect.

With no clear agreement on the correct way of moving forward, Cllr Pauline Dee suggested that at this time, the council did nothing.

Meanwhile on the issue of climate change, Cllr Dee said the Climate Change Committee should meet quarterly to discuss their ideas.

Cllr Edward Towers, who attended the climate change meeting held in the town earlier in the year said it was good to see such a wide variety of people attending.

"There was quite a good turn out, some major things were raised," said. "I thought it’s going in the right direction at the moment," said Cllr Towers.

"There were people at that table I have never seen in Wem before, people who have moved to the area and want to get involved."