Traffic management plans in Wem could soon come into fruition following a meeting with members Shropshire Council.

At Wem Town Council's full council meeting, held on Thursday, November 28, Councillor Roger Drummond reported on meetings from the Traffic Working Group.

The working group held a meeting on November 6, as a follow up to a meeting held earlier this year in which Cllr Drummond was able to speak to officers from Shropshire Council about the town's one way system plans.

Following the two meetings, Cllr Drummond says he is becoming very hopeful that plans will soon come into fruition.

"We had a very constructive debate on exactly where this was going," said Cllr Drummond. We were able to communicate with senior officers and almost get commitments from them to progress some work on this.

"It would be progressed through a feasibility study.

"The senior officer Alan Morgan more or less gave commitments that he would find money to progress this. We got very positive vibes across the table.

"The meeting on November 6 was a follow up to that previous meeting where representatives from the traffic meeting group were able to review what was going on and able to fine tune the one way system."

Also discussed at the meeting were plans for new signage in Wem, to discourage lorrys from driving through the town.

"We also talked with progressing the outstanding signage schemes," added Cllr Drummond.

"I had to point out that these signs were talking about are additional HGV advisory signs to try and discourage lorry traffic from entering Wem. The meeting was constructive."

Cllr Drummond also added that a lot of these plans would have to be tried out in practice first.

"The only way to deal with some of these issues is to point them on site and try them out," he added.

"It’s not going to be simple and it’s not going to be cheap. But the meeting was very positive and I’m becoming very hopeful about this."