A BOOK highlighting the life and times of one of Shropshire's most famous sons will be launched next month.

Ten Tales of Talbot, written by Roger Dunshea of the Whitchurch History and Archaeological Group, the book brings to life Sir John Talbot, the first Earl of Shrewsbury.

Sir John Talbot was born in Whitchurch and is buried in in the town after dying leading the last battle of the 100 Years War.

The book ranges from his north Shropshire childhood, to rubbing shoulders with successive Kings of England and France and with the Pope in Rome.

It is a story full of drama, bravery and chivalry. His family had a major impact on the royal successions in Scotland and England with the end of the Plantagenet dynasty.

The book concludes with his modern legacy including fine wines and death defying rides.

Ten Tales of Talbot will be launched at Bookshrop in Green End at 11am on Saturday, December 7 and will be priced at £9.99.

The launch commences with a short talk by the author Roger Dunshea, followed by a book signing.