A FESTIVAL will launch next year celebrating the life and times of illustrator Randolph Caldecott.

Caldecott was born in Chester in 1846 but spent many of his formative years in Whitchurch, before moving on to Manchester and London, before his death in the United States in 1886.

The Caldecott Festival in Whitchurch will take place in February of next year at the Civic Centre and event organiser Dr Norma Raynes is looking for anyone who might have works related to the man hidden away in their house.

"We think there are lots of people in the town with things they've collected that we haven't been able to identify," said Norma. "We suspect there are more people around.

"If you have any knowledge, books, paintings or other information about this great man please can you contact us, it would be wonderful to hear from you.

"You would help make our festival a great event for everyone in Whitchurch, make us proud of our town, inspire young people and help let other people elsewhere in the UK that Whitchurch is having a great festival to celebrate Mr Caldecott."