An OSWESTRY man has shared his secret to living a long and happy life as he celebrated his 100th birthday on Monday.

Donald Stokes, who was born in Ellesmere, had a day of celebrations at his Oswestry home with friends, family and neighbours all in attendance.

He is described by those close to him as a kind, caring man who always looks after others around him and has a very positive outlook on life.

He attended Morda School after moving from Ellesmere to Morda from a young age, before leaving school at 14 to work on a farm.

After working on a farm for most of his life, Donald said an active lifestyle, coupled with a positive attitude, has seen him well to the age of 100.

“I can remember my teachers who taught me in school,” he said.

“After reaching the age of 14 I started working on farms in the area, and I worked on them for most of my life.

“I enjoyed working on the land – I did it mostly here and in West Felton.

“I really enjoyed it, working outdoors was great, it’s kept me going to 100 so it’s given me the best living I could’ve asked for.

“I’m a bit surprised about it all – it’s nice to be able to celebrate it with my family, friends and wonderful neighbours.”

In his spare time, Donald spends time gardening, keeping up with his favourite television shows and still drives to get around when he needs to.

He continued: “I do a lot of gardening; I’ve looked after the garden at my house a lot – I was cutting trees down a few weeks back to keep it all tidy.

“I also enjoy listening to music and keeping up-to-date with what’s on television.

“I mainly watch gardening shows and nature documentaries, but I do like Mrs Brown’s Boys as well.”