A FIREFIGHTER from Whitchurch who saved the life of a child while on holiday has been named as this year’s Citizen of the Year.

Keith Robinson, who is also the assistant site manager at Sir John Talbot’s, was on holiday earlier this year where he was made aware of a child not breathing.

He took control of the situation, and thanks to his expertise, revived the child, saving their life.

The campaign for him to become Citizen of the Year has largely been led by his wife Linda, who has praised the selfless nature of her husband.

“He wasn’t aware we were championing him,” said Linda. “He’s a firefighter, has been for 37 years, but you don’t really think about the things they do.

“To see him save the life of a child was incredible.

“He was the very first first responder in the town, he’s part of the Fire Cadets, the Cubs and on the board of directors at SJT.

“He’s very selfless, [he] would never walk away from an incident. He’s part of a very good group of guys.

“It’s not just his job either, he cared for my mother when she lived with us and then cared for his father as well. He’s very much a selfless person.”

Keith himself says it is a honour to receive the award and he is looking forward to switching on the Christmas lights next weekend.

“I’m obviously pleased, it’s an honour to be recognised,” said Keith. “I’ve done a lot of work for the community but I saved the life of a child which I think people have recognised.

“It’s an honour to be recognised for the work we do, not just me but all those that work at the fire station too.

“And it’s going to be an honour to do my bit for the town and turn on the Christmas lights.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Whitchurch, Bev Duffy, has also offered her congratulations to Keith.

“I am very pleased to announce that the people of Whitchurch have spoken in great numbers and I am very pleased to announce that the 2019 Citizen of the Year is Keith Robinson,” said Cllr Duffy.