THE co-chairman of Whitchurch Alport FC has stood down after 18 months.

Ed Whitby, an ice cream van manufacturer by trade, has seen the club enjoy some of its brightest moments, with the Reds securing promotion and winning several trophies during his tenure.

But he has stepped down from his role, to concentrate on his business ventures and his family commitments.

A spokesperson for Whitchurch Alport said: "Co-chairman Ed Whitby has unfortunately stepped down from his role on the committee to concentrate further on his family business.

"Ed joined 18 months ago and has helped the club begin our next journey at this level after promotion.

"He has enjoyed some great success with us in a short space of time and become part of our Alport Family.

"Ed will continue to still advise and support the club when required.

"Thanks for joining our journey and we will see you soon at Yockings Park."